Plaza Mayor replica

Plaza Mayor is the main square in Madrid, actually a great architecture work. In this case, my work is smaller in size and ambition, just a replica of an inscription placed at the top of a beautiful building in the northern side of the Plaza Mayor named Casa de la Panadería. This inscription relates to the reconstruction of that building during the regency of Carlos II in Spain.


Florida's palm tree

I'm sure Coca Cola's marketing team would be pleased to have a lot of these palms along Florida mixed with the local palm trees, as the best billboard possible. Something similar to Osborne's famous bull in Spain. By the way, look at this bull made from a piece of insulation cork.

Minimalist chairs

Here we have different chair models, made using copper wire and coke cans. Something between Louis XVI style and art deco inspiration, both reduced to the simplest manufacturing process.

Swing on the cloud

There in the sky, a swing goes and comes hanging by a "wired" cloud. Interesting fact of this piece is that it has a movement effect, even it's so light and simple.

Moving fishes

Different kind of fishes -made with recycled coke cans- swimming togheter under the seaweed of copper. Light of the candle make moving effects that simulate the undersea's life.


Couple of dancers

This couple of dancers was made using copper wire and special paintings commonly used for lighting bulbs. This piece is very popular, I mean, between people that visits my home :), and was one of my first artworks.


I want to welcome you to this space, devoted to simplest and casual art, extracted from things and materials that we use daily.

Madrid is a perfect place to develop an artistic activity based on the use of natural and recycled materials, also having unique lighting conditions.