Recycled Santander's cobblestone

More than 2 years ago, the Plaza Porticada in Santander was restructured, in order to give it a new look, basically something more modern, including the floor. I decided to take a couple of that old cobblestones, completely polished by the cars and pedestrians along decades. Later, I had an idea in order to keep my souvenir alive. I built a wooden box, put the stone inside and filled it with cement. Additionally I decorated it with some small mosaic's tiles, and this is the result: a nightmare for the guys that performed our last moving from Colmenar Viejo to Madrid (only 25Kg, 55lb).

Torete's mirror

Nearly 9 years ago, I used an insulating plate found down in the street of Madrid to create an Osborne's bull, cutting and painting it in black. More recently, I covered a Cantabrian hague's branch with paper originally from a novel, using liquid glue. The third part of this "artwork" come from an old ladder, recycled as a frame, covered once again with paper, but in this case from a weekly magazine and liquid glue. Incredibly, while I was looking for a mirror to fit to the frame, I found it at IKEA, same measures that I needed ¿!!?. Now my son is mad about this black torete.