La Pirula Showcase 2012

Through the narrow streets of a city in northern Spain, a small restaurant keeps the taste of traditional Cantabrian cuisine. Thanks to José Luis, one of the owners of La Pirula, I've been working last few weeks in a showcase that finally was ready. A small collection of chairs and some hanging pieces are now illustrating the power of recycled art, in beautiful Santander.


Eco-Manía recycled stuff contest 2011

Eco-manía recycled stuff contest was held in October 2011. Both works I created have been sold, some good news in Madrid :)


Eco-Manía recycled stuff contest

I spent the morning preparing my three recycled art proposals to participate in the contest organized by Eco-manía. This is a shop located in one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid, a place which is recommended in major guidelines for foreign visitors to Madrid.

On Belén street corner with San Gregorio, in Argensola area, this shop specializes in items made with recycled or natural materials. For me it's a nice challenge to participate in this contest, and I hope that those who pass through this place like my proposals.

During the month of October anyone can visit Eco-manía and vote for the piece you like the most. Hope to see you there.

Recycled red wine

Some additional pics showing a lamp made from copper wire and napkin paper, moist in red wine. Hope you like it.


Madrid's metro lighting

I decided to give a second life to a set of Madrid's metro maps, and slightly regreting because of the hard work that this work took me, I built a lamp with some small Ikea bulbs.

I must admit that in a corner with a soft ambient light, has its charms if hangs from the ceiling with a considerably long thread.

By the way, I leave you a link to my blog promoting Madrid: Wy Here Now. Hope you like it all.


In my studio

As lately I've been working hard because I managed several orders, I want to share with you the making of for one of my chairs, on sale at my Etsy store: